The Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work

Do you bring your dog to work or do you work for a dog-friendly company?  Do you have a “CEO”, a “Canine Executive Officer”?  Here at, we are all animal lovers, which makes having Coco a wonderful addition to the Evocel team.  She is, by all means, the Canine Executive Officer or perhaps a more appropriate title would be “BFO”: Best Friend Officer!

They say that allowing dogs at the office can be beneficial to a company’s bottom line–woohoo–and that dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between co-workers and leads to more collaboration among team members. Excellent news for us!  It always helps to have a best friend nearby and it’s undeniable that Coco brightens our days at the office.

What is your experience?  Do you find that you enjoy work a little bit more with a furry friend by your side, or would you feel less stressed if you were able to bring your dog to work?  Based on our experience, we are convinced that dogs in the workplace can make a positive difference in helping to reduce stress and perhaps even making work more enjoyable.  Here are some of the many perks of having Coco in the office:

Morning Greetings: every morning, Coco sprints from the front door to make her rounds for her morning greeting session.  Coco is always thrilled to see our staff and greets them every morning as if she hasn’t seen them for the past month, which is a great feeling and something to look forward to everyday.  How often is somebody excited to see you at work–right?!

Love: Coco distributes an unlimited supply of love and affection throughout the day. Free kisses, anyone?

Seat Warmer: you get out of your chair for a moment and come back only to find that Coco is now occupying the seat. It’s like musical chairs all day long.  Thanks for keeping our seats warm, Coco!

Delivery Notification: never a second late, Coco instantly notifies the office when a delivery arrives. On that note, we apologize to our mail service carriers, in particular, the UPS guy, for the excessive barking–dogs will be dogs, after all!

Conversation Starter: “Thank you for calling Evo—-bark, bark, bark–cel!”  “Yes, sir, we are a dog-friendly office.  How many furry friends do you have?”

Unexpected Break: Coco rotates to each work station and, well, how can you not take a moment to pet her or play with her?

Good Vibes: without a doubt, Coco brightens up the workplace and brings an element of fun love. You never know what she is going to do next.

Surely, there are many more things we can include on the list.  What might you add?  Are there any other dog lovers out there who bring their dogs to work or wish they could?  Well, it’s back to work for now, that is, after I get done petting Coco!



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